Vintage Styles Making a Comeback in 2011 – 1960s

The 1960s really was one of the most exciting times in modern fashion history as it was during this period that female fashion became so diverse and experimental.  There was a movement from the formal below knee hemline being standard dress for females to the huge number of styles and silhouettes women still wear today.

The 1960s is obviously most famous for the terrific leap in hem length with the introduction of the mini-skirt in the middle of the decade.  However, it is the fashions of the early 1960s which are going to be most influential this spring/summer.  This is very much in direct response to both a natural movement from the 2010 success of 1950s fashion and the ‘Mad Men’ television series phenomenon.

This era’s style is often described as ‘lady-like’ due to its relatively formal nature.  It was still very similar to that of the 1950s but the hem crept up slightly and the pencil skirt was becoming more fashionable.  Victoria Beckham’s SS11 collection epitomises this aspect of the early 1960s with chic silhouettes.  Victoria’s collection also uses two of the most popular colour trends this season which is simple whites and bold use of block neon colour.  Bright, bold colouring was also popular in the early 1960s and can often differentiate this decade from similar styles of the 1950s.

Victoria Beckham SS11 Ready-to-Wear

Dolce and Gabbana also use this pencil dress shape in their SS11 collection in which they focus on the use of pure white materials with an emphasis on texture and silhouette.

D&G SS11 Ready-to-Wear

Another iconic 1960s style was Jackie O’s which was based on the famous 1950s Chanel suit that maintained huge success throughout the 1960s, particularly with women in their 30s.  Jackie’s style was a unique combination as she so desperately wanted to follow European fashions but her political position as first lady meant that she had to be seen supporting American designs.  This led to her choosing clean Parisian cuts with her American twist of bright bold colours and large detailing (such as in the buttons) which she was told would photograph well.  This classic Chanel suit has had another surge in popularity in their most recent collection however, I hasten to add, without the Americanised bold colours and over-sized buttons.

Chanel SS11 Ready-to-Wear

The fun and retro side of the early1960s has really been captured by some of the resort collections which I personally love.  Louis Vuitton has continued to use shapes that were prominent in their AW10 collection however their use of 1960s bold colours and patterns have moved these styles on a decade and created a more light-hearted look.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2011

Finally, I would like to point you in the direction of Christian Dior’s Resort 2011 collection which has a distinct French Riviera, Brigitte Bardot feel.  This is a fabulously fun collection which I would absolutely love to be wearing this summer.

Christian Dior Resort 2011

1960s lady-like is one of the most prominent trends this season and really is suitable for all ages.  It really allows women to display their bodies and feel sexy but in a very classy way.  Lower that hemline and show off the curves you have been blessed with!

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