New Photoshoot with Wardrobe by Lady JoJo’s

We have had some very beautiful images back from a recent photoshoot by the fabulous Cristina Carra Caso for which we provided the wardrobe.  Considering this shoot took place in the depths of winter when we had next to no stock because of the horrendous situation with delivery companies I think the images have turned out pretty fantastic.

Here is a sneaky preview of this shoot.  Unfortunately, I have to hold back most of the images at the moment but hopefully I shall put up the full selection soon.

Can’t wait to work with Cristina again soon.

Full Credits:

Photographer: Cristina Carra Caso
Assistant In Photography: Matt Schofield
MUA/ Hair: Ola Kowalonek
Wardrobe: Lady JoJo’s Boutique
Accessories: Smooch

About Lady JoJo's Boutique

A vintage-inspired boutique in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town with Online Shop. Visit us at
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